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Our Plans and Vision for Turkey Track RanchOur Plans and Vision for Turkey Track Ranch

Joe Bill Moad has been associated with Rodeo since he was 11 years old. This Ranch is to be home to our Horses and Bulls we are purchasing and will also be used as a Hunting Ranch throughout the Hunting Season. Other grass is  available for our stock when we pull off the grass and let it rest 6 months of each year. We are being blessed with rain this year that we have not had since we took over in 2011. At first Joe Bill thought, "All this drought, what am I getting myself into?" But times are changing for the better and we are now getting to enjoy this Ranch as many of our forefathers did.

We have planted over 300 acres of a new seed from Oklahoma State University simply called “Cedar.” We have opened up the old CRP Plots that Grandpa Heck used to plant every year for the Quail and Deer, plus are breaking out river bottom land that has never been farmed and are conditioning it for alfalfa by planting grazing crops getting the ground ready. Wheat seed and oats have been planted successfully utilizing the 50 foot wide area throughout the ranch that pipelines cleared out. I am breaking out 100 acre river bottom plots each year adding to our food plot acreage.

We started 2013 building 5 wire fence with steel post and 4.5 corners and H braces securing the boundaries of the ranch which hasn’t been done in over 50 years. We almost have it all in but lack a few miles here and there. We hope to have it all in before April 1, 2014.

We have a new 8 1/2’ hydraulic cattle and horse working chute ordered with a new loadout chute with quarter circle tub and alley to be put in within the next few weeks. The old pens and working facilities have seen their better day and we have to upgrade to be able to handle the cattle and horses efficiently. Cattleac cattle equipment is in charge of building our  new facilities from Weatherford Oklahoma. Eddie Bernard is in charge of the concrete work from Leedey Oklahoma. Ford Construction is in charge of building a roof over our working facilities so we can work cattle 24-7, 365 days per year, in  any kind of weather.

Ranch tractor with Joe BlakeRanch tractor
Old corrals and loading chute now being upgraded.Ranch corrals
Ranch improvements shown in the snow.winter on Turkey Track Ranch

Home Hunting Moad Cattle Moad Horses About Our Ranch Our Vision

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