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Moad Cattle

Moad Cattle entered their first bucking bull futurity in 2013 and won 3rd with 44Z and 4th with 27z. These well bred yearlings bucked well and their breeding showed big at their first chance at competition. There were 60 bulls there and we felt fortunate at our first showing. Junior Plummer flanked them and they responded big! They were .25 of a point from 2nd, and .50 of a point from winning first! Close scoring with excellent judging! The event was held at the beautiful facilities of Tommy and Chris Cox at Erick OK.

Moad bucking bulls their small pen prior to loading for their first event.

Moad bucking bulls

Joe Bill Moad has been associated with Rodeo since he was 11 years old.  He has been a gold card member of the PRCA since he retired from roughstock competition in 1984.  His first card was issued by the old association named  the "RCA"......Rodeo Cowboys Association.  Before that it was called the "Turtles Association." 

This Ranch is to be home to our Horses and Bulls we are purchasing and will also be used as a Hunting Ranch throughout the Hunting Season. Other grass is  available for our stock when we pull off the grass and let it rest 6 months of each year.

rank pen of bulls

Here is a rank pen of bulls. We have our young bulls schooling with the older bulls, brings them along faster.

 Black Tornado bucking bull

This big black bull is Plummer from tip to toe. He and Blue Duck are larger than most Plummer bred stock. They remind me of the old Tommy Steiner bulls that I used to get on in the PRCA. I hope to breed my cows to this bull and Blue Duck next season because the cows have the same grandfathers that these bulls have.
Blue Duck and Black Tornado photos courtesy of Calvin "Junior" Plummer.

Blue Duck bucking bull

Here is a rank bull "Blue Duck" . He has not been ridden the full 8 seconds in the open rodeos he competes in. He is from the original Blue Duck that died in the middle of his career. "Spook" of the late Ronnie Roach is the father and grandfather of the Blue Duck and son that is pictured above. Blue Duck is pawing the ground letting me know I have snapped enough pictures of him today....Pure Plummer Attitude!

 Branding cattle

Calvin "Junior" Plummer handling the branding on our new rodeo cows and bulls.  All of our rodeo stock gets the "XM" on the left shoulder, plus the number on their backs that match their registry.  Our domestic livestock gets the "Turkey Track" brand on their right shoulder.  Both brands are registered and up to date with the Cattleman's Association of Oklahoma

Cows with rodeo stock bloodlinesCows with Page and Plummer bloodlines.

Here are some pics of our 7 new girls, 3 cows and 4 heifer yearlings and calves that we have added to our arsenal. They have alot of Page and Plummer bloodlines that throw rank bulls. In today's bull game genetics are real important. The new girls are kinda bashful, but if you cross their line......Look Out!

Picking up bucking bull feed

We just picked a 1 ton sack of special hot feed that puts muscle and energy on our bulls. The bucking bull feed is specially formulated to put that finishing edge on them rather the fattening feeds that yearlings are accustomed to that point them to market. Our bulls that wear the "XM" brand are conditioned year round to flatten bull riders dreams of an 8 second ride.....

Home Hunting Moad Cattle Moad Horses About Our Ranch Our Vision

Call Joe Bill Moad - 405 410 8375

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