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Turkey Track Ranch and Snakey Bend Outfitters - Oklahoma 

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History of Turkey Track Ranch

Mr. Henry Hutchinson staked Turkey Track Ranch in Indian Territory in 1897 and it has been owned by same family from Indian Territory to the Great State of Oklahoma. Sylvia B. Moad, an original heir, is still active in the administration of the beautiful 3000 acre ranch in the Antelope Hills country of Roger Mills County, Oklahoma where she was raised.  She is a Pioneer to say the least and is still active at the ripe age of 87 handling the bills and paperwork duties as administrator of the ranch. Her father appointed her administrator over bookkeeping in 1960 and she has been active handling the administrative tasks ever since.

The Ranch Today

Joe Bill Moad, her son, is Operations Manager for her.  He oversees the management of the surface and minerals for her since April 2011. The ranch had been leased out for over 30 years with clients that had minimal care about the numbers of cattle grazing the ranch during that time.  Serious drought also has hampered much of the Midwest for the last 10 years.

Joe Bill changed the game plan and during recent years the ranch has responded with grass, quail, abundant wildlife. Joe Bill stated, "The ranch has already shown that if we take care of it, it will take care of us." "Every year it has shown improvement since 2011. It will never be grazed beyond 6 months per year as long as I am associated with it. I hope this trend never ends!"

The Moad Family

Sylvia B Moad and grandson Joe Blake Moad.

Sylvia B Moad and grandson Joe Blake Moad.

Joe Blake Moad at 9 years old ready to go to feed the horses at the Turkey Track Ranch. Joe Blake is her youngest of 3 grandsons.....Kyle is 23. Lane is 19.  Joe Blake is in line to carry on the Ranch Tradition if he so chooses.

 Joe Blake Moad.

Paulette Moad, wife of Joe Bill Moad, shown on the right with Joe Blake. Joe Bill says, "I cannot give Paulette enough credit for making sure everything is going the right direction in our day to day lives." 

  Paulette and Joe Blake Moad

This is a pic of Joe Bill's  hole in one at the World Renowned “Twin Hills Golf and Country Club” Oklahoma City Oklahoma.  Joe Bill hit this shot on his Birthday 8/27/2013 at the famous #4 which is a highly elevated par 3.  He says, "Notice the divot where the ball hit, then rolled into the hole."

Joe Bill's  hole in one in Oklahoma City


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